Reduce your building or home energy use

Plan a retrofit, check building regulations, improve HVAC and insulation, get a heat pump, and more

Make a plan to retrofit your building

Better understand your premises to make improvements, save energy and move toward a net zero building

Retrofit in line with regulation changes, grants and schemes

Work out the best time to improve in line with regulation changes and funding deadlines

Check what EPC rating you need for commercial buildings

If you own or manage non-domestic buildings you need to prove they meet rising energy efficiency standards.

Get business grants and financing for a building retrofit

Find funding schemes, tax breaks and loans that can help SMEs do a building retrofit

Monitor performance using building management systems

Increase energy efficiency and lower running costs by measuring how your building ‘performs’ in operation

Improve efficiency by replacing windows and insulation

Upgrading insulation can have a major effect on energy savings and lowering the carbon emissions created by your building

Save on lighting by changing behaviour and equipment

Improvements range from simple behavioural changes to complete retrofit of controls and lighting equipment

Save on HVAC with better thermostats and equipment

Reduce the impact of heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) costs with behavioural changes, maintenance and new equipment

Follow building regulations for new construction or renovations

If you’re planning new construction or a major renovation, there are rising legal standards you must follow

Improve home energy efficiency

Many investments in energy ‘performance’ are paying back faster, so it makes sense to consider which ones to get and when do it