Lincoln car dealership invests in solar panels

27/09/2021 paulcannon

Just Automotive is a car dealership in Lincoln. The business has a showroom, workshop and outdoor display area for over 160 vehicles. The workshops are fully equipped with the latest testing facilities for brands such as Audi, VW, Land Rover and SEAT. 

The business was keen to expand its services and begin selling and servicing electric vehicles (EVs). The owners were aware that charging the vehicles would lead to increased energy demand and higher bills. This led them to consider installing renewable sources of energy. 

The company consulted with renewable energy specialists and decided to install a 50kWp solar array with high quality smart PV panels. They also installed optimisers to improve production. This would give them an annual energy production of more than 43,000kWh.

Challenges of installing solar panels

The installers had to design a system capable of receiving the maximum possible exposure from its rooftop position. The panels were spread on the eastern, southern and western slopes to anticipate changing energy needs at different times of day. 

Due to local power regulations, the system also had to be designed not to export more than 40kW of power. This was achieved through the use of inverters and export limitation technology.

Benefits of installing solar panels

Installing solar panels guarantees lower energy costs for the foreseeable future. Also, with battery storage, there is the potential for storing and selling unused energy back to the National Grid. 


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