Country Tyrone farm generates its own electricity with a pole-mounted wind turbine

27/09/2021 paulcannon

McFarland’s Farm is located in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. It is run by livestock farmer Noel McFarland. Noel wanted to diversify his business so he could meet the challenge of rising energy costs and an unpredictable climate and marketplace. 

The farm has an exposed upland site with ideal conditions for harnessing wind energy, so Noel decided to install a 275kW wind turbine. He achieved this with the help of Simple Power energy network, who were looking to expand their renewable energy generation in the region and agreed to cover the installation costs. 

This way, Simple Power would have a source of green energy for their customers and Noel would have a reliable source of income and energy for his farm.

Benefits of installing a wind turbine

Noel can now control the farm’s energy costs. He can also earn money from the excess power being fed back into the UK grid through the regional provider, Power NI. 

He said: ‘The turbine has ensured that I have a steady income for the next 20 years, whilst helping the environment.”



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