Hampshire engineering firm installs ground source heat pumps

27/09/2021 paulcannon

Universal Tool & Production Company Ltd is an engineering company in Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire. It specialises in precision engineering projects for the aerospace and oil and gas industries.

The company occupies a 2,763m² purpose built factory at Daedalus Airfield, which was completed in 2016. Inside the factory air temperatures must be controlled with precision to ensure the highest quality engineering. 

To reduce energy costs, the company’s management decided to turn to a renewable heating and cooling system. Ground source heat pumps were installed to transfer heat or cooled air into the factory. They are controlled by an automated energy management system.

Benefits of installing ground source heat pumps and an automated energy management system

The company has enjoyed the following benefits:

  • reduced carbon emissions
  • lower energy bills
  • improved temperature control inside the facility
  • the potential to receive payments for generating renewable energy under the new Clean Heat Grant



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