Net zero: the basics in 30 seconds

We must reach net zero carbon emissions globally by 2050 to limit global warming to manageable levels.

This means rapidly reducing the emissions being released into the Earth’s atmosphere and removing greenhouse gases to avoid dangerous climate change.

You can reduce emissions by using electric vehicles or renewable forms of energy such as solar panels. You can ‘offset‘ unavoidable emissions by funding activities which benefit the environment.

Business benefits

By reducing carbon emissions and moving to net zero, your business can:

  • cut energy and transport costs
  • qualify for tax benefits
  • meet environmental regulations
  • attract new customers and investors
  • help those in your supply chain meet new targets
  • attract and retain employees who care about the environment

What you can do

Reduce your carbon footprint

Offset your emissions

Make up for unavoidable emissions by paying for them to be reduced elsewhere. This can be done through carbon offsetting or carbon credits.

Track your progress

  1. Calculate emissions using a carbon calculator.
  2. Set a target based on your calculations.
  3. Share your progress on your website.

Help and support

There is both free and paid help available. For example, you could: