Oxford furniture business electrifies its fleet

27/09/2021 paulcannon

Oxford Office Furniture deliver business equipment and furniture from their base in Bicester. The company has operated for over a century, supplying commercial, education, labs and hospitality establishments all over the UK.

A large part of the company’s emissions are generated by transporting services and products to customers. They use a small fleet of vans for deliveries, with smaller cars for getting to work and visiting customers. 

Faced by costly new congestion charges and rising fuel costs, the company wanted to find a more efficient way to operate, so they turned to electric vehicles. At first they did a trial run with a Tesla model X to compare running costs with their diesel-operated company car. The results were positive, with fuel cost savings of £300 a month.

Encouraged by the results, the company decided to add 4 Nissan e-NV200 Combi vans to their delivery fleet. Eventually they decided to replace 9 other vans with electric models.

Benefits of fleet electrification

As well as lower carbon emissions, the benefits included: 

  • lower running costs
  • free or cheap parking for EVs in certain areas
  • no road tax
  • no congestion charges
  • less maintenance

CEO Dave Beesley: ‘The bonus is the cost savings we are experiencing using electric vehicles. Furthermore, we have adopted many new clients that share our ethos in making the world a better place.”



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