Scottish food processing business saves £30,000 a year with energy efficency measures

27/09/2021 paulcannon

Eyemouth Freezers Ltd is an independent food processing company in South East Scotland. It specialises in frozen vegetables, which it sells to a variety of UK supermarkets.

The company owns a 100,000 square feet food-processing facility. This includes a cold store, processing hall, dry goods store and two modern retail packing facilities.

Eyemouth approached Zero Waste Scotland for advice on how to make their facility more energy efficient. Based on their advice, the owners decided to:

  • install LED lighting throughout its cold stores and processing areas, resulting in annual savings of £7,500 on energy bills
  • upgrade to a modern, energy-efficient boiler, resulting in estimated savings of £2,800 a year
  • install an industrial dehumidifier, with savings of £20,000 a year 

Find out more about the energy efficiency measures taken by Eyemouth Freezers  


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