Surrey taxi driver switches to electric vehicle and enjoys lower running costs

27/09/2021 paulcannon

Taxi driver Boban Sebastian lives in Woking, Surrey. Until 2018, he rented a car which ran on diesel. 

When he could afford to buy his own, local regulations about passenger size and facilities for the disabled meant his options were limited to three types of car. One of these was a LEVC TX, a range-extended electric vehicle, which can also operate on petrol.. 

The car can drive for over 60 miles on its relatively large battery. Once the battery charge is depleted, a small petrol engine acts as a generator to produce electricity to drive the vehicle.

The vehicle cost £58,000 but Boban decided the money he saved long-term would cover the initial investment.

Concerns about using an electric taxi

Before he committed to buying, Boban was initially worried about how long the electric battery might last, but LEVC offered him a five-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

Benefits of using an electric taxi

Since buying the electric car, Boban has enjoyed the following benefits:

  • fewer tailpipe emissions
  • lower fuel and maintenance costs
  • able to charge overnight at home with an EV charger
  • new customers and more pre-bookings

Read more about Boban’s switch to an electric taxi on the Energy Savings Trust website

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