Sussex golf club installs variable speed water sprinklers

27/09/2021 paulcannon

Brighton’s Dyke Golf Club was founded in 1907. It offers its members an 18-hole course and stunning views.

Until recently the club used fixed-speed irrigation pumps to water their course. The method wasn’t efficient enough, so they sought help from a local business scheme which provided them with the £4000 loan needed to get an up-to-date variable speed pump system.

The new system ensures the necessary amount of water is delivered to the golf course, resulting in efficient use of water and electricity. 

Benefits of using a variable speed pump

Combined with the installation of solar panels on the clubhouse roof, the installation of  variable speed pump technology has helped the club reduce its emissions and its energy bills. The Club has cut its energy usage by 7000 kWh a year, providing annual savings of £1,000 on bills.



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