Swansea hotel saves money by recycling waste

27/09/2021 paulcannon

The Dragon Hotel is a 4 star, 106 bedroom hotel in Swansea’s city centre. The Dragon’s owners were concerned about the amount of waste produced in its restaurant and guestrooms, so they decided to carry out a waste management report. The report showed that the hotel could save money by reducing and managing its waste more efficiently.

Acting on the report’s suggestions, the owners decided to take the following action:

  • recycle all customer and office waste
  • recycle food waste, removing the need to use a food waste macerator
  • create cheaper menu options to use up surplus stock
  • donate unwanted furniture to the local community

They also decided to introduce the following energy efficient measures:

  • use low energy bulbs and replace appliances with energy efficient models
  • monitor and reduce use of energy, gas & water

Benefits of managing waste

The hotel reduced its spending on food by 25% and increased recycling by 50%. This led savings of around £15,000 a year. 

Find out how to reduce and recycle your business waste



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