Waltham Cross construction firm aims for net zero by 2030

27/09/2021 paulcannon

Based in Waltham Cross, Telford Homes are a construction firm with more than 240 employees. They specialize in large developments in non-prime sites across London. 

Telford Homes are committed to sustainable homebuilding and have announced a target of net zero emissions for 2030. 

In 2018 the company carried out a carbon report with the help of the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) and the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS). The report identified the following areas where they could reduce emissions:

  • building materials in their supply chain
  • energy use at offices and worksites
  • transport use by employees
  • construction waste 
  • energy and water use in built homes

Sourcing sustainable building materials to reduce emissions in the supply chain

Telford Homes wanted to reduce the amount of carbon embodied in their building materials. 

Based on the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s advice, the company committed to buying 98% of their timber from sustainable sources such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). 

Switching to green energy tariffs at offices and worksites

The company switched over to 100% renewable energy tariffs at their office buildings. They are also investigating how to do the same at their worksites. Find out more about switching to renewable energy.

Installing electric chargers to reduce transport emissions 

Telford Homes installed 12 electric car charging points to encourage their employees to use electric vehicles. In future, they aim to install 8 more. This will help to further reduce their scope 3 emissions.

Managing and reducing construction waste 

The company took measures to separate and recycle waste at their construction sites. This led to 97% of waste being diverted from landfill sites where it takes longer to break down and causes more emissions.

Building more efficient homes

Telford also looked at how to improve efficiency in the buildings they construct. They decided to equip all of their new homes with renewable sources of energy such as solar panels. This has led to lower bills for their occupants. Kitchens are also provided with water efficiency technology, leading to a 16% reduction in water use.

Benefits to the company’s image from taking climate action

By investing in measures to reduce emissions, Telford Homes are able to: 

  • comply with environmental regulations
  • attract new customers and investors
  • help their supply chain meet new targets
  • attract and retain employees who care about the environment

Telford Homes have also achieved recognition as the UK’s most sustainable home builder in the 2020 NextGeneration housing benchmarking report. 



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